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Expanded Vacuum and Atmosphere Trainings for 2017

Whether you’ve been in the industry for five months or 25 years, staying up-to-date

on new methods and industry innovations is a key contributor to success. Ipsen will

begin 2017 by hosting a series of three-day Ipsen U classes, as well as teaching local

one-day seminars throughout the United States. These trainings focus on advancing

your knowledge of atmosphere and vacuum heat-treating equipment, processes and

maintenance through applied learning.

Here are our top blog posts of 2016 ...

5 Quick Tips on How to Become a Brazing Superhero

When it comes to vacuum aluminum brazing there are a lot of advantages, but you also need to know

the details on how to properly braze your parts.

Finding Leaks in Your Vacuum Furnace – Part I

This video walks you through the step-by-step process for performing a leak check, from calibrating

the helium mass spectrometer to determining which part of the furnace is the source of the leak.

A Daily Checklist for Preventative Maintenance

An effective method for extending the life of your vacuum furnace is following a carefully scheduled

preventative maintenance plan. This post covers the tasks that should be performed on a daily basis.

A Look Inside the Furnace: Choosing the Best Hot Zone for Your Needs

When choosing between all-metal or graphite hot zones, it’s important to consider

your processes, materials, temperatures, ramp rates and uniformity ranges.

The Importance of Validating Your Furnace:

Temperature Uniformity Surveys and Other Useful Tips

Nothing is more important than validating your furnace equipment. One of

the most important tests you can perform is a Temperature Uniformity Survey.

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