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Page Background Thermo-Calc Software AB Email: Phone: +46-8-545 959 30 USA, Canada and Mexico Email: Phone: (724) 731 0074 Software packages: Thermo-Calc for thermodynamics and phase equilibria in multicomponent systems DICTRA for modelling diffusion controlled transformations TC-PRISMA for modelling precipitation kinetics Software development kits for linking Thermo-Calc to your own software codes Over 30 Databases for thermodynamic and mobility applications Calculation of an isopleth 0 0.5 1.0 1.5 Temperature, �C Mass percent C 1600 1500 1400 1300 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 Fe-4 Cr-5Mo-8W-2V-0.3Mn-0.3Si-C (wt.%) 1:MC_SHP 3:FCC_A1#1 4:HCP_A3#2 5:BBB_A2 6:M23C6 8:M7C3 9:M6C 10:LIQUID 12:FCC_A1#2 13:MU_PHASE 14:LAVES_PHASE FCC_A1+MC+M 6 C Benefits: Predict what phases form as a function of composition, temperature Reduce costly, time-consuming experiments Base decisions on scientifically supported predictions and data Shorten development time and accelerate materials development while reducing risk Improve the quality and consistency of your products through deeper understanding of your materials and processes Diffusion in ordered phases -500 0 500 55 50 45 40 Position (microns) Mole-Percent Ni NiAl IN939 Ni Powerful Software for Thermodynamic and Diffusion Calculations Click the link on the home page Watch our free webinar Optimizing Materials Development and Processing through Modeling and Simulation