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Handbook of Ternary Alloy

Phase Diagrams

10-Volume Set

Edited by Pierre Villars, Alan Prince, and

Hiroaki Okamoto


ISBN: 978-0-87170-525-9

Product Code: 57706G

Price: $8514 / ASM Member: $8417

More than 18,000 ternary diagrams.

Phase Diagrams:

Understanding the Basics

Edited by F.C. Campbell

2012 • 470 pages

ISBN: 978-1-61503-835-0

Product Code: 05342G

Price: $187 / ASM Member: $135

Exceptionally well-written text for non-metallurgists

or anyone seeking a quick refresher on an essential

tool in modern metallurgy. Ample illustrations for all

important liquid and solid reactions. Gas-metal reactions, important in

metals processing and in-service corrosion, are also discussed.

Desk Handbook: Phase Diagrams

for Binary Alloys, 2nd Edition

By Hiroaki Okamoto

2010 • 855 pages

ISBN: 978-1-61503-046-0

Product Code: 57751G

Price: $358 / ASM Member: $286

Includes 2421 diagrams of which 450 are new or

greatly revised; among these, 87 are not in the First

Edition. Approximately 600 crystal structure tables

of systems for which phase diagrams are unknown.


Pearson’s Crystal Data:

Crystal Structure Database for

Inorganic Compounds



Edited by Pierre Villars and Karin Cenzual


ISBN: 978-1-62708-098-9

Product Code: 57795A

The Pearson’s Crystal Data


DVD is the world’s

largest database containing critically evaluated

crystallographic and derived data for

intermetallics, oxides, halides, minerals, and

other inorganic materials and compounds. The new 2015-2016 release

includes more than 274,000 structural data sets for about 157,500 different

chemical formula, roughly 17,900 experimental powder diffraction patterns,

and about 255,000 calculated diagrams (interplanar spacings, intensities,

Miller indices). In addition more than 45,200 figure descriptions for cell

parameters as a function of temperature, pressure or concentration are

given. To reach these results, scientific editors have critically analyzed and

processed over 89,000 original publications. Innovative software developed

by Crystal Impact offers new features for easy retrieval of desired


Named as an “Outstanding Academic Title Winner.”


Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries,


*For more information on Pearson’s Crystal Data Database,

contact Denise Sirochman at 888.605.6153 or


Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams,

2nd Edition

Edited by T.B. Massalski, H. Okamoto,

P.R. Subramanian, and L. Kacprzak

1990 • 3589 pages

ISBN: 978-0-87170-403-0 (3-Volume Set)

Product Code: 57718G

Price: $1643 / ASM Member: $1546

3-volume set includes 4,700 binary alloy phase


Pearson’s Desk Edition

Edited by Pierre Villars • 1997

ISBN: 978-0-87170-603-4

(2-Volume Set)

Product Code: 57763G

Price: $950 / ASM Member: $850

27,686 entries of the highest quality crystal data,

representing 27,686 different compounds.