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Page Background 69 22 34 METALLURGY LANE PIONEERS INMETALS RESEARCH—PART III Charles R. Simcoe Metals pioneer Paul Dyer Merica and his associates at the National Bureau of Standards discovered the principles that governed the age hardening of duralumin. RESEARCHSPOTLIGHT FIVEWAYSMATERIALS TESTING ISCHANGING THE WORLD Engineering departments at universities across the U.S. are using materials test- ing to advance scientific research. Five of the most exciting innovations under development are presented here. ASM NEWS The monthly publication about ASM members, chapters, events, awards, affiliates, and other Society activities. TECHNICAL SPOTLIGHT BENEFITSOF AUTOMATEDMECHANICAL TESTING Automation can reduce results variability, save time and money, and enhance safety. 18

Tensile test using cable snubbing

grips to hold steel cord, a common

reinforcement material in the

automotive industry. Courtesy of

Instron, Norwood, Mass.


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