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Dr. Jack G. Simon, FASM

President, Technology Access Inc.

Aiken, S.C.


t is with great pleasure that I introduce ASM Interna-

tional’s 2013-2014 president, Professor Comondore

(Ravi) Ravindran. I have known Ravi for 32 years, so I

have a lot to tell you about our new leader.


My last visit to Ryerson University, Toronto, was

in September 2013. Once again I was struck by the

love and devotion everyone at Ryerson has for Ravi. It

begins with the person who sells him a cup of

coffee and continues with his students,

dean, and university president. This is what

ASM International can expect from its next

leader. Ravi is not a showy person, but will

listen effectively, help create a vision, and

then develop a plan to execute it. He is both

a consensus builder and a strong motivator.

I also know that Ravi would tell you that

the honor he is most proud of is being hus-

band to his wife Shanti and father to his

three children, Nikila, Vikram, and Shobita.

Nikila is a gastroenterologist, Vikram a pul-

monologist, and Shobita a lawyer. I have

watched Ravi and Shanti raise their children

and it is no surprise that he has motivated

them to excel and be successful.

Education and training

Born in India, Ravi received his early train-

ing in materials science at the University of

Madras and the Indian Institute of Science

and earned his master’s and doctorate from

the University of Manitoba. Ravi has not for-

gotten his early roots and has done much to

help advance ASM International in India,

Canada, America, Europe, and Asia.

In 1973, Ravi began his career as a prod-

uct and process development metallurgist

with Manitoba Steel Rolling Mills. Early on,

he became chief engineer and in 1982 was

promoted to chief metallurgist. In 1985, he became

group vice president of Galtaco Automotive Castings

and Stampings Corp. with major foundries in Ontario

and a large stamping plant in Michigan. In 1989, he

joined the faculty of Ryerson University. Ravi brings 16

years of industry experience and 25 years of academic

experience to his role as ASM president.

Service to ASM and the materials community

Ravi and I first met at the ASM International Ma-

terials Week technical conferences held at numerous

venues in the U.S. and Canada. We found we hadmuch

in common as I had just taken over the job of divisional

metallurgist of the Buick Motor Division of General

Motors after serving for several years as chief metallur-

gist for Chevrolet’smetal casting plants. Ravi invitedme

to Ryerson to discuss his vision to form a Center for

Near-Net Shape Processing of Materials.

One can look back today and congratulate Ravi

on the success of this center in advancing research

on lightweight metals processing. The center first

began research in lost foammetal casting of nodular

iron, then in casting of thin wall aluminum, and is

now investigating magnesium alloys. What many

people may not know is that Ryerson had little re-

search going on when Ravi was hired. Today, the uni-

versity thrives due to the external research it

conducts. Ravi had the vision and used his unique

abilities as a consensus builder to get approval for his

center. In addition, he has developed many interna-

tional partnerships and has been able to attract dis-

tinguished visitors and support several foreign

students earning advanced degrees.



“If you want a job done,

engage Ravi and it

will be done right and

with a lot of


Ravi Ravindran, ASM International's

2013-2014 president.

2013-2014 President of ASM International

C. (Ravi) Ravindran


Ryerson University awarded Ravi the 2012 Chancellor’s Award of Distinction for sustained teaching and educational

leadership, the university’s top award. Previously, he was awarded the University Distinguished Scholar Award for re-

search excellence in 1995. Ravi also served as president of the Canadian Academy of Engineering during 2007-2008

and was co-general chair of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences in 2009.

He has won numerous awards, including the 2013 CIM-MetSoc Research Excellence Award, and his research center

received the AFS Outstanding Organization Award for Excellence in Magnesium Research in 2009.

As a Fellow of many societies including ASM, CAE, CIM, INAE, AAAS, and Engineers Canada, Ravi has shared his re-

search by presenting technical papers at major international conferences. When I visit ASM Canadian chapters, they

refer to him as "Mr. ASM of Canada." ASM has also honored Ravi with the Allan Ray Putnam Award in 2006, the M. Brian

Ives ASM Canada Council Lectureship in 2004, and the MacDonald Young Award in 1995.

Pictured left

to right,



Dr. Nikila


Ravi, Mrs.



and Dr.