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Page Background What if your furnace could … … tell you that it isn’t operating correctly? … tell you when a vacuum pump rebuild is going to be necessary? … tell you that you will not pass the leak back test in three weeks? What if your furnace could warn you about a heating element failure, order the part and schedule the service needed to install it? These what ifs are the motivating drivers pushing predictive maintenance technology to the forefront of product development and maintenance strategies for industries across the globe. And, in the near future, customers are going to expect all heat treatment furnaces to be capable of leveraging the Internet of Things to perform such analysis. Currently in the thermal processing industry, when a heat treatment furnace breaks, the result is clear: production comes to a grinding halt and the personnel necessary to resolve the issue might not be readily on hand. As a result, companies are faced with unplanned downtime until the problem is resolved, potential overtime wages for the necessary personnel, the cost of rushing critical part shipments and more. In an effort to combat this issue, the ultimate goal of predictive maintenance and Ipsen’s PdMetrics™ software platform for predictive maintenance is to ... Optimize Thermal Processing Operations with ... Call Our Sales Team 1-800-727-7625 International +1-815-332-4941 Read the full technical article to learn more: Achieve powerful performance, experience cutting-edge technology and utilize predictive maintenance capabilities in a single, compact vacuum furnace: the TITAN ® 2.0. This furnace incorporates years of customer feedback to deliver improved, user-friendly features, all while maintaining a global platform, small footprint and short delivery times. • Available in horizontal, 2-bar models • Includes PdMetrics™ software platform for predictive maintenance and diagnostics • Features intelligent SCRs (silicon-controlled rectifiers) for efficient heating control • Incorporates a high- definition display with a touchscreen and scrolling marquee, making critical furnace parameters visible from a distance Predictive Maintenance PdMetrics