HIGHL IGHTS A D V A N C E D M A T E R I A L S & P R O C E S S E S | M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 8 4 8 BOARD NOMINATIONS Furrer is a Fellow of ASM International and has served on the ASM Board of Trustees from 2010-2013. He is also a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engi- neering. Furrer received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in metallurgical engineering from the University of Wiscon- sin-Madison, and a doctorate of engineering from the Uni- versität Ulm in Germany. Dr. Zi-Kui Liu, FASM Nominee for Vice President Dr. Zi-Kui Liu is a distinguished professor of materials science and engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. He obtained his B.S. from Central South University (China), M.S. from University of Science and Tech- nology Beijing, and Ph.D. from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Swe- den). He was a research associate at University of Wiscon- sin-Madison and a senior research scientist at QuesTek Innovations LLC. He has been at Penn State since 1999 and served as editor-in-chief of CALPHAD journal since 2001. Liu is a Fellow of ASM International and has been a member of the ASM International Board of Trustees and the TMS Board of Directors. He served as vice chair and chair of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram (APD) Committee and established the annual Phase Stability and Diffusion Kinetics symposium at MS&T sponsored by the ASM APD Committee. Liu received the ASM J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award, TMS Wil- liam Hume-Rothery Award, ACerS Spriggs Phase Equilibria Award, and the Lee Hsun Lecture Award from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Liu’s current research activities are centered on first-principles calculations, modeling of thermodynamic and kinetic properties, and their integration in understand- ing defects, phase stability, and phase transformations, and designing and tailoring materials processing and prop- erties. He has published over 470 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. He was cofounder and director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Computational Materials Design. Liu teaches thermodynamics of materials to graduate students and phase transformations to undergraduate stu- dents at Penn State. He was the recipient of Penn State’s Faculty of the Year Award (selected by MSE students), and the Wilson Award for Excellence in Research and Faculty Mentoring Award. Liu has also been teaching outreach courses on computational thermodynamics and computa- tional kinetics to scientists, engineers, professors, and stu- dents in the U.S. since 1996. Dr. Raymond V. Fryan Nominee for Treasurer Dr. Raymond V. Fryan is vice pres- ident of technology and quality at Tim- kenSteel Corp., a leading producer of specialty alloy steel products and ser- vices. He has been with The Timken Company and TimkenSteel in Canton, Ohio, for more than 35 years, spending his career in quality advancement, manufacturing, process and product metallurgy, technology, and business develop- ment roles. After graduating from Grove City College with a B.S. in metallurgical engineering, he joined The Timken Co. and subsequently earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Case Western Reserve University in materials science and engi- neering. He is also a graduate of the Executive Development for Global Excellence program at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Fryan’s initial roles focused on metallurgical improve- ments in clean steels and the continuous bloom casting process. From there, he took on leadership roles in manu- facturing management, engineering and quality, and corpo- rate materials at The Timken Co. In 2014, TimkenSteel Corp. was spun-off from the parent company and Fryan led the establishment of the new venture’s technology and quality functions, including establishing a new $5 million technol- ogy center. Fryan has a long history with steel-related industry societies including AISI and ISS/AISE/AIST andmore recently has broadened that industry engagement to include the Forging Industry Association, American Gear Manufacturers Association, Gear Lab, and the Metals Affordability Initiative, where he serves on the executive steering committee. Fryan is active in the ASM Canton-Massillon and Akron Chapters and is a strong advocate of local chapter participation. Prof. Diana Lados, FASM Nominee for Trustee Dr. Diana Lados is the Milton Prince Higgins II Distinguished Profes- sor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the founder and director of the Integrative Materials Design Center (iMdc), an industry-government-uni- versity consortium established at WPI in 2007, dedicated to advancing the frontiers of sustainable materials-process-component design and manufacturing for high performance and reliability. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Poly- technic University of Bucharest in 1997, her second M.S. in Liu Fryan Lados