Reference Publication Catalog

2018 ASM COURSES Heat Treating Basics of Heat Treating 2.0 CEUs Heat Treating for the Non-Heat Treater 2.0 CEUs Heat Treating Furnaces and Equipment 1.5 CEUs Heat Treatment, Microstructures and Performance of Carbon and Steel Alloys 2.0 CEUs Refractory Technology 2.0 CEUs Practical Heat Treating 3.0 CEUs Practical Induction Heat Treating 2.0 CEUs Vacuum Heat Treating 1.5 CEUs Thermal Spray Advanced Diagnostics for Improved Control of Thermal Spray Processes 2.0 CEUs Introduction to Thermal Spray 1.5 CEUs Robotics for the Thermal Spray Industry 1.0 CEUs Thermal Spray for Gas and Oil 1.0 CEUs Medical Device Medical Device Design Validation and Failure Analysis 1.5 CEUs Nitinol for Medical Devices 2.0 CEUs Stainless Steels, Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Alloys for Medical Devices 1.0 CEUs Metallography Advanced Metallographic Techniques 3.0 CEUs Metallographic Techniques 3.0 CEUs Metallographic Techniques (3 day) 3.0 CEUs Metallography for Failure Analysis 3.0 CEUs Practical Interpretation of Microstructures (3 day) 3.0 CEUs Scanning Electron Microscropy 3.0 CEUs Steel Metallography 3.0 CEUs General Fundamentals of Material Science 3.0 CEUs Reverse Engineering: A Material Perspective 2.0 CEUs Science and Technology of Materials 2.0 CEUs Metallurgy Elements of Metallurgy 3.0 CEUs Introduction to Metallurgical Lab Practices 2.0 CEUs Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist (3 day) 3.0 CEUs Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist 3.0 CEUs Metallurgy of Steel for the Non-Metallurgist 2.0 CEUs Metallurgy of Welding and Joining 3.0 CEUs Oilfield Metallurgy 2.0 CEUs Powder Metallurgy for Additive Manufacturing 2.0 CEUs Alloys Advanced High Strength Steels 1.5 CEUs Aluminum and Its Alloys 2.0 CEUs Corrosion 3.0 CEUs Magnesium Science Technology and Application 1.5 CEUs Stainless Steels 3.0 CEUs Superalloys 2.0 CEUs Titanium and Its Alloys 3.0 CEUs Failure Analysis Component Failure Analysis 3.0 CEUs Fractography 3.0 CEUs Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing 2.0 CEUs How to Organize and Run a Failure Investigation 1.5 CEUs Mechanical Testing of Metals 3.0 CEUs Practical Fractography 1.5 CEUs Practical Fracture Mechanics 1.5 CEUs Principles of Failure Analysis (3 day) 3.0 CEUs Welding Inspection and Quality Control 3.0 CEUs Contact us to register for a course, arrange for custom tranining, or to learn more about our certificate programs. phone: 440.338.5151 ext. 0 email: