HIGHLIGHTS ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES | MAY/JUNE 2023 66 ASM-IIM ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS FOR LECTURESHIPS ASM-IIM Visiting Lectureship Every year, many members of ASM International who study or work outside of India make brief personal visits to India. The visiting lectureship brings together such qualified visitors and the appropriate organizations in India and provides an $800 honorarium for travel within India. This cooperative program of ASM and the Indian Institute of Materials (IIM) is intended to promote international cooperation and provide a useful service to ASM members. ASM-IIM North American Visiting Lectureship Following the success of the ASM-IIM Visiting Lectureship program, ASM and IIM jointly established and funded a new ASM-IIM program in 2013. The lectureship provides an honorarium of $2000 for qualified IIM members to travel to the United States and Canada. Nomination deadline is June 15. Visit to access a sample form, rules, and request a unique nomination link. International Metallographic Contest at IMAT Deadline: September 29 The International Metallographic Contest (IMC), an annual contest cosponsored by the International Metallographic Society (IMS) and ASM International to advance the science of microstructural analysis, will be held at IMAT 2023 in Detroit, October 16-19. Six different classes of competition cover all fields of optical and electron microscopy: Class 1: Light Microscopy—All Materials Class 2: Electron Microscopy—All Materials Class 3: Student Entries—All Materials (Undergraduate Students Only) Class 4: Artistic Microscopy (Color)—All Materials Class 5: Artistic Microscopy (Black & White)—All Materials Class 6: Video Entry—Top of Choice involving defined problem (Undergraduate Students Only) Best-In-Show receives the most prestigious award available in the field of metallography, the Jacquet-Lucas Award, which includes a cash prize of $3000. For a complete description of the rules, tips for creating a winning entry, and judging guidelines, visit or contact IMC chair, Ellen Rabenberg, at Seeking Nominations for Thermal Spray Hall of Fame The Thermal Spray Hall of Fame, established in 1993 by the Thermal Spray Society of ASM International, recognizes and honors outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the science, technology, practice, education, management, and advancement of thermal spray. For a copy of the rules, nomination link request, and list of previous recipients, visit or contact Nominations are due September 30. FROM THE FOUNDATION Expanding Our K-12 Reach ASM’s Materials Education Foundation has long sought to teach K-12 students about the field of materials science and engineering (MSE) in the hopes of bringing more students into careers vital to our world. Of course, many other organizations have the same goal or stand to benefit from the achievement of this goal. Numerous companies are seeking to hire more people within the full range of jobs in the materials field, and universities are working to fill their MSE programs with students. Further, many of our sister associations also wish to influence the educational and career directions of high school students to pursue manufacturing and materials science and engineering paths. While each of us can have a small impact in the vast world of K-12 education and its students, together we can reach so many more. In the coming years, the ASM Materials Education Foundation will be seeking ways to increase the dialogue among the groups mentioned above in hopes of finding ways to coordinate efforts that can truly make a difference in expanding our K-12 reach. The ASM Materials Camps for students and teachers are widely seen as the best tools in the box to teach students about materials science and get them excited to learn more Keough NOMINATIONS SOUGHT